My principles

My approach highlights some key areas of importance for childcare professionals and parents. These include:

  • The importance of care as a foundation before educating can even be thought of

  • Respectful and genuine interactions as key to relationships- and relationships as a key influence of a child's future

  • Meeting the needs of both child and parent and establishing a mutually enjoyable relationship as a means of guiding behaviour

  • An appreciation of the child as a whole person, from birth, while acknowledging the very specific and important needs of fourth trimester

  • Uninterrupted, independent, free play as a matter of high priority for infants and toddlers

  • A holistic approach, taking into account environment, relationships, eating and sleeping when considering issues

There are often exceptions to rules, but generally I am for:

  • Gradual changes

  • Loveys/blankies and dummies

  • Breastfeeding, mix feeding or formula feeding

  • Open ended, passive toys

  • Dedicated "yes" spaces for children's play

  • Time spent outdoors

My goal is helping caregivers and educators by:
  • Entering into conversations, not lectures
  • Working together with common goals
  • Providing a balanced and considered approach to current research
  • Providing support and understanding with no judgement
  • Providing completely personalised resources and advice

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