Home Visits

Getting Ready For Baby

​The first few months of life are stressful and confusing- for baby and carers alike! It helps to be prepared, but that is easier said than done, especially when there are so many factors to consider and so many of them are foreign territory to first time parents. 


This visit can be about talking through concerns and questions you have about newborn care or development, and how to get the best chance of not just surviving but thriving during the newborn stage.

Fourth Trimester Support

These visits, occurring somewhere in the first 3-4 months of a newborn's life, support family and baby for a more peaceful fourth trimester. The importance of this stage cannot be stressed highly enough, as it sets up a person's brain, relationship with the world and even their immune system and emotional coping strategies for life. Keeping this time as stress free and happy as possible is key.


The goal of this visit is to work out strategies to keep families happy by supporting the needs of all members so carers can be responsive and babies secure. A fourth trimester visit can address any topics you like.

Topics for home visit discussions

  • Safe sleep practices

  • Feeding by breast and/or bottle

  • What a happy newborn looks like

  • Supporting transition from womb to world

  • Postpartum care for birth parent

  • Taking care of all carer's mental health

  • Supporting a positive and healthy relationship from the very beginning

  • What attachment means and how to foster it.

  • Balancing the tightrope of establishing healthy habits and being sensitive to baby's unique and changing needs

General Home Visit

At any time in your child's first three years of life you will likely find yourself at a bit of a loss, needing some guidance as to where to go next with routines, guiding behaviour, repairing or maintaining your relationship, or any host of other issues that all families face. 

This visit can help you see and plan for the next steps to take to address any issues that are disrupting the family's happiness.

How It Works

  • Before the visit, I ask for an email or phone conversation to discuss the family dynamics and what some of the key areas of our focus will be. This will allow me to prepare some questions to explore deeper in person, and bring resources for you that I can bring to the visit.

  • During the visit I will sit with you and chat. It is important that these conversations be a discussion and not be one-sided. I want to hear your thoughts, feelings and concerns and I want to provide you with some answers and direction. Productivity is our aim, as we want to elicit change or establish some steps forward that give you confidence in your parenting. 

  • After the visit, I will provide you with a written summary of the visit that outlines the plan that we established together, and some next steps to take after that when baby grows and changes. At no additional cost, I will also follow you up to see how you're going and if there are any additional ways I can help or help you access more specialised assistance if necessary.

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