Professional Development opportunities

There are two options for early childhood services, workshops/ training sessions and consultations.
Workshops and training sessions are pre-made and adjusted to the service's needs, goals and unique context. These are predominantly lead by me with questions and discussions with the team.
Consultations are a back and forth discussion with the leadership team that focus on the exact needs of a service, generally with the intent of making a solid plan forward.
Either option can be one-offs or ongoing, and are based on working together to achieve goals, solve problems, inspire professional growth and keep the spirit of ongoing learning alive.


Workshops and training sessions

These sessions are focused on the special needs of long day care or family day care service teams in terms of working towards best practice, meeting regulations and continuous improvement.

Weeknight sessions for an hour are perfect for team meetings, and weekday or weekend day session and great for larger teams or a more intensive workshop for those keen to get into the really meaty stuff.

Included in the session are:

  • Electronic copy of the slides used in the slideshow presentation

  • Electronic copy of A4 page of further reflective questions and prompts related to the topic to help you continue on your journey

  • Electronic copy of the relevant sections of the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standard and how they pertain to the content

  • Email and phone correspondence before and after the session to support your exploration 

The current courses available

  • Calm Environments For Infants

  • Documenting and Planning Meaningfully

  • Making Play the Focus of Your Day

  • Care As Curriculum

  • Relationships, Routines, Rhythms and Rituals

  • Re-imagining Infants As Capable

  • Making the Early Years Learning Framework Accessible and Visible


Consultations are an opportunity for the leadership team (or simply the owner, director, educational leader or other relevant person) to have an open discourse about issues or goals, with a written and achievable plan outlined and then followed with assistance. Included in the cost of a consultation is an opportunity (by email or phone) to provide and discuss an outline of what you wish to achieve with these consultations prior to the visit, and then a follow up afterwards. Additionally, access to my library of resources and an electronic document of relevant research and "where to next" further reading will be supplied within a week of our consult. Discounts are available for ongoing consultations.

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