Colour Matching Activity: Building visual determination skills

I personally love this game, as it can be used with children of so many ages and learning abilities, and it can be enjoyed by children on their own, in pairs, with or without teacher interaction. I recommend initially playing alongside children to model how to play while talking about what you're thinking as you place the colours- "No, this one is darker... this one is lighter... this one in the middle is perfect!". The vocabulary list provided is a great tool to keep handy during the game!

Use just one of each of the colours to keep it simple, or challenge more advanced children with even more tones of the same colours. It's perfect for children who need help with reasoning and visual determination. It also transcends language and can be used to determine if children are colour blind.

This pack includes:

How to play page
Vocabulary page
5 pages of coloured squares to be cut out and used on their own or glued of popsicle sticks (1 for every colour and shade used in the monotone pages)
3 monotone pages of different tonal ranges for each colour (Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red, Purple)
2 pages of greyscale (high and low contrast)
1 page of rainbow- showing transition to the next colour
~ Coming to a total of 192 squares and 24 monotone pages. Imagine all the matching fun that can be had with all that!

Cutting skills worksheets

Nothing beats a child-directed activity.

8 pages of straight lines, zig-zag lines, circles and hearts with thumb placement tabs for both left handed and right handed children. Great for practising and mastering scissor holding and cutting skills.                                     © 2019 Care To Play

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